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Course Details

Crewel Embroidery
with Sue Hawkins

4th - 6th September 2020
Highfield Park


Crewel Embroidery can strike terror into the heart of the most seasoned embroiderer, Sue would like to dispel this myth and help you to enjoy this technique.
This design, Paisley Fruit, is inspired by the Tree of Life legend found throughout seventeenth-century embroideries.

The tree, with a mix of flowers and leaves and an extremely swollen fruit, stands on an undulating hillock symbolic of the Garden of Paradise. In this period nobody seemed concerned with proportion the tree would fall over if the fruits were really large and the insects would be dangerous. The insects are stitched in shiny stranded cottons to contrast with the matt finish of the wool used for the rest of the design.

This will be a project led weekend and kits for this design will be available to purchase. Alternatively you can work on a project you may have in progress.